Life of Reilly


Life of Reilly..

.. is a band from Karlskrona, Sweden. At moment we are two members that write, play and record our music.
We play Irish influenced music and adding a fast beat with notable drums. The band is still in a start up stadium, when we not yet have found all of the members in the band.

The idea came from Simon who learned to play the Tin Whistle and as both of the now existing members love Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys and The Pougues the jamming started. Irish folk music is quite similar to Swedish traditional folkmusic, but it's the "jig-beat" we like a lot. we also wanted to sing in English by some unknown reason, it just felt right. So here we are with a webpage and everything, feel free to browse around and if you like it, send us an email.

You can follow us on facebook, twitter, soundcloud and youtube.